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Shooting Star

David Young

David Young is an award-winning artist, author and musician well known for playing two renaissance flutes in harmony. He has recorded numerous hit albums and sold over one million copies. David's music, revered for its soothing sounds and healing properties, is a staple in hospitals, healing centers and spas throughout the country.     


David travels throughout the country hosting his signature workshops, A Portal Between Heaven and Earth, which blends his healing music with his enlightening guided meditations, and where countless attendees report remarkable experiences. These experiences are the inspiration for many of David’s songs and paintings, and chronicled in his book, “The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena.”   


In addition to David’s many talents, he is also a gifted channeler. Through his music and art, David channels messages from the heavenly realms bringing healing messages and hope.  David’s abstract art reflects stories of ancient wisdom and actual events through brilliant colors and impressions. 


His music and personal readings have brought healing and revelations to people for decades, serving as a bridge to the ethereal realms of goodness and light.  


Through his many talents and gifts, David Young offers the world hope, vision and self-empowerment.

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Night Sky

Clifford Carter

Keyboardist/composer Clifford Carter has blazed his mark in the worlds of jazz, pop, rock n' roll, gospel and more. Clifford has performed and/or recorded with James Taylor, Idina Menzel, Art Garfunkel, Bryan Ferry, Cyndi Lauper, Linda Ronstadt, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, Carly Simon, Cher, Patti Scialfa, Chris Botti, George Benson, Idris Muhammad, Narada Michael Walden, Herbie Mann and many others.


His playing can be heard on film scores, television shows and commercials. His songs have been recorded by Michael Franks, Phyllis Hyman, Vanessa Williams, The Four Tops, and saxophonist Bill Evans. Carter’s solo release Walkin' Into the Sun, features Carter's vocal and instrumental songs. He owns Secret Road Studios, a versatile production environment, where he plays, writes, arranges and produces. 

Shooting Star

Gregg Bissonette 

One of the world’s premier drummers, Gregg is a four time winner of Best Drummer in Drummers World Magazine as well as having the honor to be Ringo Starr’s drummer in his All Starr Band since 2008. 


Gregg recently won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues album for his playing on Edgar Winter’s, Brother Johnny. 

An extraordinary, versatile drummer, Gregg has played with David Lee Roth, James Taylor, Santana (on his Grammy winning album Supernatural), Don Henley, Joe Satriani, and Andrea Bocelli.  


Gregg has recorded music for numerous films:  

The Bucket List, Finding Nemo, Best in Show, The Bourne Supremacy, The Devil Wears Prada, The 40 Year Old Virgin, the TV show Friends and the Buddy Rich memorial concert. 

Gregg has three solo albums, Gregg Bissonette, Submarine, Warning Will Robinson, and an award-winning two-disc DVD, Musical Drumming in Different Styles (Hudson Music), and recently recorded video lessons for Kennan Wylie’s Drumset Method books (Hal Leonard). 

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Black Sky

Sean Hurley 

Since moving to L.A. from Massachusetts as a member of the band Vertical Horizon in 2000, Sean has made a name for himself as a top call bassist whose recording credits include John Mayer, Edgar Winter, Michael Buble, Robin Thicke, Idina Menzel, Alicia Keyes, Alanis Morissette, Annie Lennox, Ringo Star, and Lizzie McAlpine, as well as many film and TV scores. 


Sean recently won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues album for Edgar Winter’s, Brother Johnny. 


Sean has toured extensively with John Mayer, with blues harmonica player James Montgomery and numerous blues groups in Boston.  


Sean has a signature bass made by Fender. 

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